Fort Worth Police Say Robbers Targeting Elderly Shoppers

Two men followed home from grocery store, robbed on Wednesday

Fort Worth police said people in the 80s and 90s have been targeted in eight robberies since October.

Investigators said two of the robberies occurred Wednesday night in east Fort Worth. In both cases, the victims, both of who are in their mid- to late-80s, were followed home from a grocery store.

Ken Kerwin, one of the victims' neighbors, said his 87-year-old neighbor was robbed when he returned home from an east Fort Worth Kroger.

He said the robber locked the victim in his garage and ransacked the man's home.

Kerwin said his neighbor was not hurt, but the thieves stole credit cards, jewelry and cash.

About 30 minutes, an 85-year-old man was followed home from a nearby Albertsons. His wallet and car were stolen.

Police said similar robberies by a woman were initially reported in the Texas Christian University area, but Wednesday's robberies involved male robbers.

Police told the Star-Telegram that they do not believe the same people are responsible for all the incidents, because the crimes occurred at varying times of day and had different descriptions of the robbers.

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