Fort Worth Police, PETA Partner to Give Away Tofurky

In response to a program last month where Fort Worth police gave away turkeys during traffic stops for Thanksgiving, officers partnered with an animal rights group on Wednesday to hand out Tofurky and vegan desserts

Officers, along with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and Spiral Diner, are handing out vegan turkey substitutes for the holidays.

"Inside this box there's gravy and a brownie and everything you need for a holiday meal!" said one PETA volunteer.

Everything except the bird.

"We hope that people will consider trying new traditions with vegan versions of all their favorite holiday recipes," said PETA campaigner Katerina Davidovich.

PETA volunteers asked to partner up after seeing Fort Worth police hand out real turkeys on traffic stops before Thanksgiving. On Wednesday, it was all tofu.

"Always being a department that wants to reach out into our community, we said sure," said Fort Worth Police Sgt. Marc Povero.

Then they went a step further, sitting down with the crew for a vegan meal at the Spiral Diner on West Magnolia Avenue.

"We just make comfort food that happens to be vegan," said executive chef James Johnston.

The business is catering to a quickly growing clientele.

"The city itself is becoming more conscious about diet and the effects of diet," said Spiral Diner customer Bob Chandler.

It's another sign of the changing face of Cowtown.

"I think Fort Worth has become a place that has embraced all walks of life," said Johnston.

Sgt. Povero, son of a long line of butchers, bit into his first vegan burger Wednesday.

"I thought I was going to have to douse it with hot sauce. But it's delicious just like it is," Povero said.

And this weekend, there's a Christmas miracle coming to the Povero family table.

"We're gonna have a Tofurky. We're gonna see how that goes!" Povero said.

If you want to know just how good the vegan business is, Spiral Diner got a permit on Wednesday to open another location in Denton early next year. There's a third location already open in Dallas.

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