Former teacher and student lead Dallas ISD school where they met

The assistant principal and principal at Louise Wolff Kahn Elementary School in Dallas have known each other for more than 2-decades; first as teacher and student.

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Teachers don't just help students learn reading, writing, and arithmetic; they help guide students into who they will grow up to be. That's what happened at Louise Wolff Kahn Elementary School in Dallas.

"My 3rd grade teacher Ms. Marquez, yeah, she stood out to me," Selene Ramos said.

Ramos was in 3rd grade at Louise Wolff Kahn Elementary in 1998.

"I was a teacher in this building, yes," Monica Marquez said. "I taught 3rd grade."

25 years later, Marquez is the principal of the same school, and her former student is there, too.

"Her name is Miss Ramos and she is my assistant principal," Marquez said. "She went from this little girl who I gave extra jobs to, to now being my right hand!"

"She's still my teacher even though, you know, on the record it doesn't show that she's my teacher," Ramos said. "She's still teaching me how to be a leader."

Marquez said Ramos stood out as a young 3rd grader for her love of talking and wanting to help others.

"It was just kind of channeling that energy into, ok, what are some things that she can do? Making her a leader in the classroom," Marquez said.

Marquez said all teachers want to see their students succeed, and she's proud to see her former students on her leadership team.

"I think it's a wonderful story that it all turned out like this," Marquez said.

It's also a lesson for the students in their school.

"That if I could, they can too," Ramos said.

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