Flower Mound Police Post Speed Traps on Social Media

Flower Mound police are the latest force in the North Texas to start posting daily their targeted traffic enforcement zones on social media.

Every morning on the Flower Mound Police Department's Facebook and Twitter pages, officers post several streets and intersections that traffic patrols will be watching closely or even posting where they'll monitor with radar guns. On Wednesday that included the busy intersection of Cross Timbers Road and Morris Road as well as three other locations in town.

It takes the surprise out of the spots that many refer to as speed traps, but officers in Flower Mound said they want drivers taking notice.

"We want to focus the citizens' attention on the problem areas, and we hope this is just another way to get it out there,” said Capt. Richard Brooks. "It gets it in their consciousness."

Brooks said many of the locations they pick are notorious for speeders, stop sign or light violators, and even crashes. The goal is to lower the occurrences by getting drivers to realize the location is being watched.

"We're hoping for compliance, that's all we want. It's not about tickets,” Brooks said.

The idea first came to the Metroplex in March when the Keller police began posting their targeted enforcement zones. Since then, Flower Mound and Dallas have joined in.

Capt. Thomas Simmons, patrol lead for the Keller Police Department, said the program is still too new to tell if it will affect crash or citation numbers in the long-run.

However Simmons said an unintended side-effect has been more citizens contacting the department to report problem spots in town for targeted enforcement.

While they don’t yet know if their intentions for the program will come true, Brooks said just the chance to decrease accidents in these spots through driver awareness is worth the daily posting. 

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