Fort Worth

Father of ‘Affluenza Teen' Arrested For Assault

Frederick Couch, father of 'Affluenza teen', has been charged with assault after being accused of choking his girlfriend, according to the Tarrant County Assistant District Attorney.

The report comes out after an incident that occurred in July of 2019 at their residence.

Couch is the father of Ethan Couch who in June 15, 2013, the then-16-year-old Ethan Couch was driving drunk and under the influence of marijuana and Valium when he slammed into a group of people who had stopped to help a disabled driver along Burleson-Retta Road in southern Tarrant County. In addition to the four killed, nine were injured, several critically.

Ethan and his mother Tonya Couch fled to Mexico, arrested in the resort town of Puerto Vallarta and extradited back to Fort Worth. Ethan Couch was then sentenced to two years in jail, which he completed in April of 2018.

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