Effort To Make English Lewisville's Official Language Fails

Effort Fails On 4-1 Vote

A measure making English the official language of a North Texas city failed on Monday night.

About 100 people showed up Monday night to speak before the Lewisville City Council about the measure.

"I know that we are required by law to translate certain documents into specifically Spanish," one man said. "That's the law, we have to follow that. I understand, but I would rather not translate any other documents unless we are required to by law."

"What concerns me first is the safety issue and what are we going to do when this guy cannot communicate with the police?" said another man.

Proponents of the measure said making English the official language would save money because the city would not have to translate city documents and signs. Signs for public health and safety would still have been translated.

The measure failed on a vote of 4-1.

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