East Dallas Station Drops Gas Prices to $2.09

Customers line up for more than 30 minutes

The price of gas continued to fall across the Metroplex, with prices dropping as low as $2.09 at one East Dallas station on Wednesday.

Customers at a Conoco Phillips station at the corner of Forney Boulevard and Buckner Road waited more than half an hour for gas.

All of the extra traffic even slowed the pumps down.
"The pumps are running mighty slow here today," Chester Henerson said.

Patience at the pump was the name of the game as motorists lined up to fill up their tanks.

"I've actually been here 15 minutes," Sonia Martinez said with a laugh.

Henerson waited 40 minutes, and fellow patron Camisha Nelson said she waited 30 or 35 minutes "just to get to the pump."

It took her another 20 minutes to fill up, but Nelson and other customers said they were more than willing to wait because of low prices.

"People are here trying to get a bargain here -- $2.15, you can't beat it," Henerson said.

Prices even went down before customers' eyes. For a gallon of unleaded gas, prices dropped from $2.15 to $2.09.

Martinez said she was excited to see the low prices on Wednesday.

"I was like, 'Woo-hoo, it's going down," she said.

Nelson and Martinez said they haven't seen such low prices in Dallas in years.

"For half a tank, it's normally around $50, $55, so $36.60 -- I've saved a lot," Nelson said.

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