Would You Let a Robot Cut Your Lawn?

Dogs bark, kids point and drivers slow down when they pass by Justin Crandall’s house in North Dallas. Sometimes, they even stop to take a picture.

The front lawn has become a neighborhood attraction ever since Crandall, a Dallas entrepreneur, installed a robotic lawnmower. It whirs around his yard each day, cutting blades of grass and then returning to its docking station. When Crandall steps outside each morning, the lawn is freshly cut.  

Crandall and his business partner, Bart Lomont, see the futuristic-looking landscaping robot as a key part of their company’s future. They co-founded Robin, a lawn care startup that initially sought to streamline the tedious task of finding someone to cut the grass. Now, they're rolling out robotic lawnmowers for homeowners willing to pay a higher price for that fresh-cut look.

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