Denton Doctors Arrested for Illegal Prescriptions

Dr. Odette Campbell is out on bond after her arrest.

A Denton doctor and her former husband face charges for illegally writing prescriptions for strong pain medications.

Dr. Odette Campbell is a pain management specialist, she and retired Denton ophthalmologist Jeffrey Lewis were both arrested late Thursday.

Campbell and Lewis were charged with writing prescriptions for pain medication without the proper license from the drug enforcement Administration, known as the DEA number.

The front door to Doctor Campbell's office at Denton Medical Center at 4310 Mesa Dr. was locked on Friday. A sign on the door saying there was a "family emergency."

DEA agents and Denton police officers served a license suspension at the office on Tuesday, and removed all narcotics from the property.

Denton police confirm to that Dr. Campbell is accused of writing prescriptions after her license was suspended on Tuesday.

Doctor Jeffrey Lewis spoke with NBC 5 from the Denton jail, and admitted writing "less than five" prescriptions to help his ex-wife after her DEA registration number was revoked on Tuesday.

"They were just ordinary run-of-the mill Vicodin prescriptions," said Lewis. "It's not like what we call hard narcotics".

Doctor Lewis said he didn't realize his own DEA number had expired.

Denton police ask pharmacies to contact the police if they spot any more prescriptions from either doctor.

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