Dallas Police Preparing to Help Monitor Surveillance Cameras in Businesses

Business owners in Dallas may soon be able to get an extra layer of security from the Dallas Police Department.

A pilot program called "Project Green Light" is expected to roll out sometime in February, allowing business owners to get high-definition surveillance cameras monitored by Dallas police.

"This will be an opportunity for them to buy into the program, to better protect their business," said Dallas City Councilman Dwaine Caraway.

The businesses will have to buy into the program, Caraway added, and they will post signage out front saying they are a Green Light business.

"They'll have a higher quality of cameras that can give a better detail of the suspect," Caraway said.

The program is already a success in Detroit, where Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall was assistant chief before coming to Dallas.

"It'll be monitored by the Dallas police," Caraway said. "We can tune right in on the scene, in live time."

"What would be different is I would have eyes on this place all the time, and they could make a decision immediately," said Rose Harvey, who owns Off the Bone Barbeque on South Lamar Street near DPD headquarters.

The restaurant already has 12 surveillance cameras, but may add more from the Dallas police when they become available.

"We actually have to have a third party call us when the alarm goes off, and then we have to make a decision as to whether they send someone out," Harvey said.

Details are still being worked out, including the total cost to the department and any businesses that become part of the program.

"For our security, for the facility's security, for the neighborhood's security I think would be great," Harvey said.

The Dallas Police Department provided the following information about Project Green Light:


• Project Green Light is a public-private-community partnership, that blends a mix of real-time crime fighting and community policing that is aimed at improving neighborhood safety.

• This program promotes the revitalization and growth of local businesses and strengthens the Dallas Police Department’s (DPD) efforts to deter, identify and solve crime.

Potential Costs

• Most of the costs associated with the Green Light program will be paid by the participating businesses with pricing ranging from approximately $1,000 to $1,400 for initial set up. The actual costs will depend on the number of cameras and video storage needs.

• Participating businesses will also be required to secure proper lighting and install signage informing of their participation in the program. Costs for signs could range from $450 to $650.

• DPD’s estimated monetary investment would be under $25,000. These costs would cover combining Video One (located in City Hall) and Fusion Center (located in DPD Headquarters) to create a Real-Time Crime Center, and constructing three to four work stations along with some hardware and software upgrades.

Program Status

• DPD has begun the initial move of Video One to the Fusion Center.

• DPD is scheduled to meet with Motorola of Detroit on Feb. 6, 2018 to conduct a demonstration of the program and evaluate the outcomes.

• DPD’s current infrastructure has the foundational capacity to support the program; however, the department must determine if any additional requirements are needed.

• Following the meeting with Motorola of Detroit, DPD will briefed the Public Safety Criminal Justice Committee to share next steps.

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