Dallas Police Take Steps To Decrease Panhandling

Dallas police are taking steps to make sure that people who live and work downtown aren't bothered by panhandlers.

A small army of Dallas bike patrol officers took to the streets of downtown Wednesday to move the homeless population off the streets and into shelters. Officers are also going door-to-door asking property owners to sign Trespass affidavits that give officers the right to come onto their property and arrest people for trespassing.

"This is a great tool for us to keep the streets of Dallas safe while trying to help the homeless get the services they need," Sgt. Lonnie Allen said. "It's all about quality of life issues for the people that live and work down here."

 Some people, like Carrie Singleton who works downtown, said overly aggressive panhandlers have frightened them in the past.

 "This gentleman wanted money, and since I am not one to give out money he grabbed me. I pulled away and kept walking," she said.  "Luckily, a police officer was nearby and stopped the man, but it's sad that that kind of thing happens."

Over the past week, Dallas Bike Patrol Officers have written 200 trespass citations in and around downtown. 

"We will be going to Deep Ellum and the Cedars next," Allen said. "This will be an on-going operation."

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