Dallas Police Getting 80 New License Plate-Reading Cameras

The Dallas City Council approved spending $820,000 over five years for the cameras. It’s not yet clear where they will be installed.

Getty Images

Dallas police will be getting 80 new license plate-reading cameras with plans to post them around the city tracking vehicle travel around the clock.

According to a report by The Dallas Morning News, the Dallas City Council on Wednesday approved spending $820,000 over five years for the cameras from Georgia-based manufacturer Flock Group, Inc. The contract would also cover installing and maintaining the cameras as well as a software subscription for an online cloud storage database overseen by the company.

Police have not yet finalized where the cameras would go. Executive Assistant Chief Albert Martinez told The Dallas Morning News on Tuesday that the cameras would be visible to the public and are part of the department’s plan to reduce violent crime in Dallas.

To read the full report on The Dallas Morning News website, click here.

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