Community Conversation About Gun Violence Held in DeSoto

Dozens of people attended a gun violence forum at Disciple Central Community Church in Desoto on Saturday.

It was planned by State Senator Royce West before last weekend's church shooting in Sutherland Springs.

The community conversation focused on gun laws and what can be done to make the streets of Dallas County safer.

Shun King, a Dallas mother, attended because her husband, Traytonio King, was shot and killed in July. She says he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“I was forced to become a widow. My mother-in-law was forced to become sonless and my kids were forced to become fatherless. So we don't want any other families to feel the hurt that we feel because it’s painful every day for us,” King said tearfully.

The forum also focused on mass shootings motivated by domestic violence like the Sutherland Springs shooting and the eight people recently killed in Plano.

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