Cashless Tollbooths Confuse Some Drivers

Drivers say motorists who are confused by how to pay at cashless tollbooths cause delays and could lead to major crashes.

The North Texas Tollway Authority installed cashless tollbooths along two of its tollways in hopes of making commutes faster and easier. Drivers would no longer have to wait for others fumbling for change.

But drivers say some of their fellow motorists are still holding up the line, confused over how to pay.

"Someone got out of the car, looked at the machine for a good two minutes and finally gave up," said Nicholas Harris, a frequent tollway driver.

He said several cars were lined up behind him.

Some drivers said they are afraid the holdups at the tollbooth could cause an accident.

"If you got rear-ended, one of the cars could hit the embankment. It could be really bad," Harris said.

Change machines along the President George Bush Turnpike and Highway 121 are out of commission because those tollways are electronic and no longer accept cash.

Drivers without tolltags who pass through the tolls will receive a bill at the address of person who registered the car.

The Dallas North Tollway still accepts cash, but the NTTA may switch it to an electronic system in 2011.

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