Teachers Honor Parents During Teacher Appreciation Week

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Parents driving by a school to pick up lunch, it's a scene that's been happening for weeks.

But Wednesday, there was a little dessert with lunch in the form of a thank you to the parents.

"Every year our parents turn out for us and this year, we thought about it last week, 'You know what? Let's flip it around,'" said Ronie Rosales, a kindergarten teacher at Joy James Elementary in Sansom Park.

The teachers realize the stress and sacrifice parents are going through, and said parents are the ones who deserve the praise this year.

The parents readily admit their new roles as educators haven’t been picture perfect, with struggles to figure out math they may not remember.

Rather than just accept the thank you, most parents returned the favor, saluting the teachers.

Drive-thru lunch was transformed into in a huge back-and-forth display of honking horns, cheering and gratitude.

"I think it works both ways," Principal Leigh Ann Turner said. "We’re learning a lot more about home life and how we can support our families, and they’re learning a lot more about what we do for a 7-, 8-hour day."

The thanks continued online as teachers made a video to send to all parents with more detail and words of appreciation.

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