Buying Airline Tickets as Group Can Cost More

Cheaper fares for some in group can be found if you purchase one ticket at a time

Spring break is just around the corner, and if you haven't bought your airline tickets yet, not buying as a group can be a great way to save money.

Airlines actually have about 10 different price points for seats in coach, but the reservation systems require that all tickets purchased on a single reservation pay the same price. You might find a cheaper fare for at least some of the people in your family or group by buying one ticket at a time.

It's one of CEO Rick Seaney's favorite tips to save money on flights.

"For a family of three, I would put in travelers 'three,' and, if it says each person is $422, then I put in 'one.' And if I see if I put in one and it says $322, I know I have $100 difference," he said.

"So now the question is, how many seats are at the $322? Then you put in 'two' until you find out. If you put in two and it says $422 again, then you know basically you only have one of those seats, and you can split your ticket," Seaney said.

The strategy can work anytime two or more people are traveling in a group.

Traveling on certain days can also save even more money. Because they are the least busy days, leave on a Tuesday or Wednesday and return on Saturday. Those are the days that airlines have the most number of empty seats -- and sell them for less.

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