AT&T Stadium Converted Into Huge Rodeo

Missouri Man Goes on Road with Professional Bull Riders

AT&T Stadium was built primarily for football, but it has been transformed into an arena of a different kind this weekend.

“It's like you have the Dallas Cowboys and then you have real cowboys,” said Jim White, production manager for the Professional Bull Riders.

White is in charge of installing 6,000 tons of dirt on the field and making sure the entire "Iron Man" show is ready to go.

"I'm the first guy in, the last guy out,” he said. “I'm the fixer. I fix problems."

The show includes lasers and pyrotechnics.

White lives in Missouri, but goes on the road with a crew of 17 workers for months at a time.

Dozens of others help out with TV production and other parts of the show.

White's been in the business for 22 years.

"No, not my first bull ride, no sir,” he said.

It takes days to get ready.

White and his crew arrived in Arlington on Tuesday after a show last weekend in Kansas City.

And after the show, what goes in, must come out.

"The goal is Tuesday afternoon you won't even know we've been here,” he said.

The PBR “Iron Man” show is Saturday night. A separate event, “The American,” is Sunday night. It comes with a $1 million grand prize.

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