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Arlington Road Rage Murder Remains Unsolved

Victim's mother asks public for help catching killer

Four months after a road-rage murder in Arlington, police and the victim's mother are asking the public for help catching the killer.

"It seems like yesterday," Nena Buxton said of that awful night in June. "It's on my mind all the time. I have nightmares about it."

Her son, 19-year-old Dylan Spaid, had just finished eating dinner with his girlfriend. They got on Interstate 20 at Cooper Street, heading east.

According to police, another driver cut them off. Spaid responded with a hand gesture. The other driver took out a gun and fired.

Spaid was killed.

His girlfriend tried to steer from the passenger seat, but the truck veered off the highway and crashed.

"The day that happened, it took something out of me that I don't think will ever — I don't think anything will fix it, really," Baxton said.

Police have few clues about the shooter, but they believe he was driving a black, newer-model BMW Series 5, captured on a traffic camera. It has four doors, dark tinted windows and silver rims.

"The main thing about catching him, I just don't want it to happen to somebody else," Baxton said. "I don't know if it will bring closure for me, because my baby's gone."

For Spaid's family and friends, the grief is still as overwhelming now as it was right after it happened.

"It just makes me sick that my son didn't have kids," his mother said. "He didn't get married. Nothing. Everything was taken away."

She knows there's nothing she can do to change that.

But she said it's agonizing not knowing if her son's killer will ever face justice.

"There's got to be somebody out there that knows something," she said. "Please come forward and let us know so this doesn't happen to anybody else's child. Anybody."

Arlington police spokesman Lt. Chris Cook said there is no new information to report in the case.

The department posted a message on its Facebook page this week again asking for help from the public.

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