Arlington Resumes Fourth of July Parade Tradition

Spectators enjoyed first major city-hosted event since the start of the pandemic

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Fourth of July festivities continued Monday in Arlington.

Families from across North Texas descended on the heart of the city to participate in the annual event, which is the oldest and longest-running in the city.

“My father lives out here and he’s been talking about this parade for a long time,” Gilbert Neff said.

The parade route stretches two miles and winds through downtown and the University of Texas at Arlington's College Park District.

“It’s part of my roots and heritage as far as coming out and being in it,” Arlington resident Cynthia Garcia said. “My dad used to put us in it when he was Knights of Columbus being in it, my kids walked in it and now they are in college and all, it’s part of our family tradition.”

There were 150 entries, including all six Arlington high school bands which contributed to the symphony of music heard along the parade route.

“It’s just nice to come as a community and be able to share a part of multiple different schools and organizations coming together to celebrate what our country’s about,” band parent Tammy Montee said.

Many people said it was nice to be back out after a year of the pandemic.

“We were very blessed today to have a nice family tradition and feel like we’re a little bit back to normal,” Garcia said.

Hosted by the Arlington 4th of July Parade Association, this year’s parade theme was Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Many people said it was a good reminder of what the holiday is all about.

“Having family members that have served in the military it’s just and it’s an honor to be here because they have sacrificed for me,” Montee said.

“We’re just very fortunate to where live at and hopefully we continue to have the freedoms that we have and understand what the price was to have the freedoms that we have,” Lance Montee said.

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