Allergy Sufferers Try New Methods to Beat Sniffles

The last three weeks have been difficult for people who deal with allergies in North Texas, and there is no sign of slowing down. It’s also a very busy time for allergists.

“Welcome to spring in Texas,” said Dr. Eugene Posnock, with Texas Health HEB.

The trees are in full bloom, so there is more pollen in the air. And that pollen is bothering a lot of people.

“My daughter is staying in from recess so she doesn’t have to do breathing treatment after school, and we are all looking into natural herbs before this blows through,” said Rachel Eiserman, of Bedford.

One non-traditional method for allergies is salt therapy. The Salt Cave in Southlake opened this past summer.

There, owners say they started researching this because their 8-year-old daughter has allergies and did not do well with traditional medications.

“Obviously we don’t take away the allergy, but we eliminate the symptoms,” said owner Shelly Jackson, who is a nurse.

The business includes a children’s salt cave, where there are toys on a salt-covered floor.

Elsewhere, adults breathe in Himalayan salts while sitting in recliners.

“I try to come two days a week and it has helped,” said customer Marty Howell.

Posnock said anything that isn’t harmful is worth trying, but he uses traditional medications.

He offers the following advice on a very bad allergy day.

“Take some over-the-counter medication to relieve the congestion, stay indoors and drink a lot of fluids,” said Posnock.

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