North Texas

Allergy Season Blooms in North Texas

Get ready for more sneezing and itchy eyes. The pollen count for grass and trees is spiking in North Texas.

"We are seeing a lot of allergies come through now," said Donna Barsky, who owns Texas Star Compounding Pharmacy. "People who are not raised here, may not realize these are allergies or allergens that they are reacting to."

Barksy said she's been busy lately making custom, personalized allergy medications to ease suffering.

"These are all allergens," Barsky said pulling out two plastic bins full of about 75 viles labeled 'elm mix', 'red mulberry', and more. "If somebody develops an allergy here (in North Texas), it's probably in this box."

"Once I start seeing the yellow pollen on the cars, I cringe," said Eddie Althaus. "Because I know it's coming." Althaus is an allergy sufferer and said his allergies have been especially bad lately. "It's horrible," Althaus said.

"A lot of fungus in the air...everything is starting to bloom," explained Barsky. "It's like putting us in a Ziplock bag, zipping us up, and we're breathing it all."

Right now it's grass and trees. Next will be mites and molds.

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