A Ride for the Fallen

Each year in Washington DC, police officers cycle into town to honor fellow officers who lost their lives in the line of duty.

Last year, a Texas native was at that ride. The event in Washington DC was such an inspiration that she decided there needed to be a ride here in Texas, specifically for officers in our home state.

Megan Fleming is a young, effervescent woman whose demeanor might not lead you to believe she'd be the leader in an impressive group of strong police officers.

But it was Megan who was the force behind the newest tribute to Texas' fallen officers.

Steve Rutherford is with Metroplex C.O.P.S. cycling team, and he said, "It's a way to honor these true heroes and a way to honor their families as well."

Meagan's warm and infectious smile belies a deeper pain. She lost her father, Steve, a 22 year veteran, last November.

"He was my hero," she said. "I miss him a lot, and I was really a daddy's girl"

Megan said they did everything together and, even when they were apart, Steve was constantly texting her, making sure he kept up with every aspect of her life.

"It's really hard to lose my dad, I mean at the age that I'm at, but being able to do something like that makes me feel like I can honor him that way," she said.

The DPS ride that was her vision, will be that honor. She said she's glad she can honor him that way.

"It seems simple, but it's a hard task," she said. "But to be able to push through that many miles for my dad, I'm glad I can do that."

The ride will be 150 miles, from Houston to Austin. Most of these officers have done longer rides, but Meagan's only done four miles.

"The motivation, the mindset that I'm running for my dad and all the support from the cop's people, I think I'll be able to push through," she said. "Through tears and sweat, we'll be able to push through..."

No doubt, dad would be proud.

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