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Suspect in MetroPCS Robbery Apologizes From Jail

Man says he did not know child in store was held at gunpoint



    Robert Wallace, 39, one of two people charged in the armed robbery of a MetroPCS store in Dallas, says he wants to apologize to a 4-year-old who was held at gunpoint. Surveillance video shows a man that police say was Wallace's accomplice pointing a gun at the girl during the holdup. (Published Saturday, June 9, 2012)

    One of two men accused of holding up a Dallas MetroPCS store said he wanted to apologize to the 4-year-old child who had a gun pointed at her.

    Surveillance video shows one of the men pointing a gun at a customer and his 4-year-old niece who walked into the store during the robbery.

    "Even if I don't be seen for the rest of my life, I just want to apologize to that child," Robert Wallace said.

    Wallace, 39, said in a jailhouse interview Friday at the Lew Sterrett Justice Center that did not know a child was involved. He said he was in the back of the store stealing cellphones when the man and his daughter walked in.

    Armed Men Rob Metro PCS Store

    [DFW] Armed Men Rob Metro PCS Store
    Surveillance video from a Dallas Metro PCS store show two men robbing the store and its customers -- and even threatening a father who shielded his daughter from a gun.
    (Published Tuesday, June 5, 2012)

    "Whatever punishment that I get for my actions, I deserve; that's the way I feel," he said.

    Wallace said he agreed to the interview with NBC 5 so he could apologize.

    George Tucker, 41, is accused of holding the store employees, the customer and the child at gunpoint. He was arrested earlier this week.

    Wallace said the gun seen in the surveillance video was not loaded.

    "The gun didn't have a clip, didn't have any bullets, but the employee didn't know that, the child didn't either, and so that's what makes it bad as far as the terror," he said.

    Wallace, who said he had only regret for his role in the robbery, said he robbed the store for rent money.

    "I don't have no money and I needed somewhere to stay," he said. "I'm not trying to use that as an excuse, but that's the truth, that's my truth."

    Wallace said he has four or five felonies on his record and couldn't find work.

    Although Wallace wasn't carrying the gun, he and his accomplice are both charged aggravated robbery. Wallace faces spending the rest of his life behind bars.

    "But I know I won't be going anywhere for a while, for a long time," he said. "I might die in prison behind this, you know, but the fact is, I did what I did."

    Wallace's bond is set at $282,000.