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In-depth coverage of the shootings in Kaufman County

Hundreds Pray Outside Kaufman County Courthouse

Hundreds of the faithful surround the building weeks after the murders of the DA and ADA.



    Members of Kaufman County's faithful gathered Sunday afternoon at the courthouse to pray for the community's leaders and employees. (Published Sunday, April 14, 2013)

    Kaufman resident Danny Segura was among the hundreds of people who wrapped around the county’s courthouse to pray on Sunday afternoon.

    "If you have faith in god he's going to answer you, he's not going to forsake you," Segura said.
    Ever since the murders of Assistant District Attorney Mark Hasse and District Attorney Mike McClelland and his wife, Cynthia many people living here are resorting to their faith to restore a sense of normalcy.
    They prayed for peace, hope and healing for the county’s employees and leaders.
    "I pray for the others in my community especially the families who have been affected by what's going on,” throughne-Brown, one of the participants said.
    Following Sunday services, congregations from across the county united for this massive gathering.
    "No matter the troubles and trials and tribulations this is still in God’s hands," Rene-Brown said. "God is in control."