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Houston Man Charged With Planning to Join ISIS



    Houston Man Charged With Planning to Join ISIS

    A Houston-area man has been charged with planning to travel to Syria to wage jihad on behalf of ISIS, NBC News' Pete Williams has learned.

    Asher Abid Khan, 20, of Spring, was arrested Tuesday morning, Williams reported.

    Prosecutors said and a friend devised a plan to travel to Turkey and then on into Syria. Court documents said he asked a "foreign terrorist fighter facilitator" in Turkey, "I wana join ISIS can you help?" and told someone else, "I wana die as a Shaheed [martyr]."

    Prosecutors said his friend did make it from Texas to Syria with the help of Khan and the facilitator in Turkey.

    Court documents said Khan, who was living in Australia, got as far as Turkey. But his family told him, falsely, that his mother's health was deteriorating, deceiving him into returning to Texas.

    The FBI got onto the two after seeing Facebook postings by the friend, referred to in court documents only as SRG.

    Earlier this month, a U.S. Magistrate ordered a Mesquite man who is accused of lying to the FBI about his allegiance to a terrorist group held without bond until his trial.

    The judge decided Bilal Abood, 37, was a flight risk after an FBI agent testified that Abood was effectively a recruiter for the Islamic State because he sent graphic videos of beheadings and other atrocities to potential sympathizers.