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Another City, Another K2 Ban

City council approves ordinance banning sale and possession



    Another City, Another K2 Ban
    Some teenagers are smoking K2 as an alternative to marijuana, even though the incense is labeled as "not for human consumption."

    Anyone selling or caught in possession of K2 in Flower Mound is now subject to a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $500 if convicted.

    "None of our Flower Mound retailers offer or sell K2 or similar substances, so by adopting this ordinance the Town Council is taking a proactive stance to protect our community from this dangerous substance,” said Cpt. Wendell Mitchell of the Flower Mound Police Department.

    Flower Mound has joined the growing list of Texas cities to ban synthetic marijuana and salvia divinorum, or K2.

    Salvia divinorum is a plant native to Mexico.  Synthetic marijuana, or "spice," is a mixture of herbs and synthetic cannabinoids sold as incense.

    It’s offered at head shops and some gas stations under the name “K2,” “Genie,” “Sage,” “Spice Gold" and "Spice Yucatan Fire.”

    The move to ban K2 is ablaze across the country not just in the Lone Star State.