8-Year-Old Killed in Loop 12 Collision

Family of five hit by another vehicle

One child is dead after a collision on Loop 12 in Dallas.

A family of five was making a left turn around 1:25 p.m. when another car hit them from behind.

Three children were in the vehicle that was hit, including a two-year-old that was held by its mother and an eight-year-old that was pronounced deceased at the scene. No other information was given on the third child or the adults.

The rear portion of the van the family was riding in had no seats in the rear portion and was carrying equipment. Investigators say the lack of restraints could have caused the death of the eight-year-old victim.

Kevin Janse with the Dallas Police Department did not have details on the other passengers in the van or the driver of the other vehicle.

More details on this incident are expected after investigators complete their report.

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