24 Couples Marry in ‘Grand Wedding’ in Dallas

Who wants to pay for a wedding when you can get one for free?

Twenty-four couples in Dallas got just that, but there was a twist.

The brides and grooms exchanged vows at Concord Church in Dallas on Saturday.

They all took the church's 90-day Cohabitation Challenge which provided a path to the altar for couples who live together.

"We just believe that co-habitation is on the rise, and we just believe that marriage has so many more benefits. For us, because of our faith, we want to teach people the value of marriage. And so we believe not only can you teach it, but you can create a pathway to get there," Pastor Bryan Carter said.

Couples attended weekly pre-marital counseling since May.

Those that still wanted to wed after 90-days received their entire ceremony -- dress, tux, rings, reception -- paid for in full.

"Every little girl dreams about a wedding. Did I think it was going to be like this? No, but I'm excited that it's like this. I'm excited to stand with people that we've grown with over the past 13 weeks," bride Trajea Sweat said.

This is the fourth time in 10 years Concord Church has held the Cohabitation Challenge. 

The goal, they said, is to promote the value of marriage in the community.

NBC 5's Allie Spillyards contributed to this report.

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