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Pregnancy During COVID-19 Pandemic

NBC 5 anchor/reporter Katy Blakey is expecting her first baby

Katy Blakey pregnant

Let's start with I am not a blogger or a doctor.

I'm just a journalist who happens to be pregnant during a global pandemic. And like you – I have questions. Lots of them. 😊

Like so many journalists – and you – I’m trying to stay on top of the latest information surrounding COVID-19 in our local community, while also navigating what it means for my growing family. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of information available regarding the coronavirus and pregnancy because it is so new and like everything else associated with the times we are living in – this is uncharted territory.

So, I wanted to make a space on where we can share the latest information with you regarding pregnancy and COVID-19 from our North Texas medical professionals along with informative articles sprinkled in with some of my own personal experiences.

I hope this will be a helpful resource to those of you who have reached out to me with your own questions and anxieties regarding pregnancy and COVID-19. Know that your first call with questions & concerns should always be to your doctor. I’ve left every appointment & conversation with my doctor feeling 100% better.

If there are certain pregnancy-related questions or topics you’d like to see covered – please reach out! Send me an email to or connect with me on social media @KatyBlakeyNBC5. Yes, there is a lot of uncertainty during these times – but a lot to celebrate, too – and hopefully this can be a place where you can find answers and reassurance. Wishing you a happy and health pregnancy journey.

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