Too Bad There's Not an App for Waiting in Line

Apple's new iPhone goes on sale Friday morning in North Texas, but the usual long lines aren't forming.

At the Apple Store on Knox Street in Dallas, a handful of people sat in their chairs to wait for the doors to close and then reopen Friday morning.

"(I've) been here since 11:30 this morning," Jason Wagoner said. "I'm all sunburned and, needless to say, I forgot to bring sunscreen."

The Dallas man came armed with a tent, water and food, but no sunscreen.

Dena Harrison had only been in line for a few hours. The 62-year-old Grapevine resident just had vein surgery on her legs, but still wanted to camp out to get the newest phone.

"I check my e-mails, I go on the Internet, I text -- I do everything on my iPhone," she said. "I love my iPhone."

Apple's latest smartphone is suppose to be fast when logging online. The 16-gigabyte phone starts at $199 and the 32-gigabyte phone starts at $299.

The new 3GS phones have also several new features, including a video camera.

"I don't usually shoot a lot of video, but who knows, I might," Wagoner said.

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