Is a Spike in Beer Prices on Tap in Texas?

European brewers anticipate dramatic price increases

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The cost of your next brew could cost you more -- but not as much as a pint will if you are in Europe.

European brewers are predicting a 40 percent price spike there. Economic experts say a poor barley harvest in Europe and wheat export bans in Russia could bring dramatic price increases.

But local bars and breweries say they don't think such a huge increase is on tap for North Texas.

"Actually within the last 10 to 12 months we've seen a slight decrease in our grain prices," said Baine Brooks, owner of Two Rows in Allen.

Beer prices in the United States have been steadily climbing this year and are up about 2 percent, according to government reports.

Large companies such as Anheuser-Busch Companies and Coors Brewing Co. have already raised their rates on beer or plan to do so.

The biggest increases are expected to affect beers imported from Europe because of the stress of grain supplies. But U.S. grain prices are holding steady, and U.S. brewers expect only slight increases on domestic beers.

"As consumers, it gets passed on to us, and we decide one way or another if we want to accept it or not," said Allen resident Jerry Nighswanger.

Higher cost or not, some just aren't willing to set the suds aside.

"It won't affect me one way or another," Nighswanger said. "Am I going to cut back on a beer here and there? Probably not."

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