Your Weekend is Booked

Hope your Royal Wedding hangover is cured, because keeping up with this weekend will be tough. Between outdoor festivals, big rock shows, the walking dead, and crafty creations, you'll have plenty to do:

It's that time of year again, where the dead walk the streets of Grapevine in celebration of the Texas Frightmare Weekend, a three-day fright fest that's a pretty good way to see some horror legends in person. This year they've got directors Clive Barker and Roger Corman, plus actors Cary Elwes (Saw, The Princess Bride), Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger), and Doug Bradley (Pinhead) among others. These conventions are always a scream (pun intended) for the unique mix of kitschy costumes, odd props, and fantastic personalities. April 29-May 1. More info

There's a reason Mesquite calls this weekend's event the Real. Texas. Festival. It's because their blend of BBQ cook offs, championship rodeo, and country music showcases can't really be found in Maine. Bringing the noise this year are the Eli Young Band, Stoney LaRue, and Los Texmaniacs. It's two days of Texas fun on April 29-30. More info

We've heard some people might still have Royal Wedding Fever, so we'd suggesting calling your doctor if your need for royal revelry isn't' sated by the Scarborough Renaissance Festival. After all, it's like have a time-traveling space where you're sent back to the days when knights and squires ran around knocking each other off horses for the favor of a lady, plus you can eat a giant turkey leg. The festival runs through May 30, but we'd bet some renfest lovers will be out this weekend having their fairy-tale wedding so close to the real one. More info

Denton's annual Arts and Jazz festival has come a long way since being held as a one-day Sunday event on a truck. (Seriously, get the history of the event here) Now, it's two and a half days for great music, local vendors, and huge crowds ready to celebrate Denton. More info

Crafty shoppers will dig the annual Spring Handmade Bash presented by Esty Dallas. It's a family and pet-friendly way to buy handmade goods from local artists, nested in the South Side on Lamar building in Dallas. It's free to get in and a whole lot of fun to just browse. More info 

Okay, it's an older tune title, but we thought that might show off our non-bandwagon mentality when it comes to recommending the Arcade Fire show on Saturday, April 30 at the Gexa Energy Pavilion in Fair Park. In truth, our favorite track is still Rebellion (Lies), but we know a lot of new fans are coming in from The Suburbs. We don't hate you. Join us. More info

Looking at the full list of stars and films showing up to the USA Film Festival is pretty epic. Malcolm McDowell, for starters, is enough to get us to the Angelika Film Center in Dallas on Friday, April 29. Even more films run through the weekend in addition to the fantastically frantic 48-Hour Film Project. More info

Look at the EdgeFest lineup this year -- Jane's Addiction, Weezer, Seether, Neon Trees, Panic at the Disco, Flogging Molly -- that's just a few of the acts on this double-stage all-day festival of sound on Saturday, April 30. Frankly, we'd pay the ticket cost for just two of those bands (can you guess which?) and still be pretty happy with the results. More info

Is there more? You bet. These are just some of the big highlights for the weekend. We'll update if we run into anything else that needs to be on this -- and your -- list of things to do.

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