Yelp Parties at a Local Dentist's Office

What do you get when you combine a bunch of opinionated users, belly dancers, fortunetellers, dudes on stilts, and closets full of dental anesthesia? Um, a Yelp party? Bingo. The online review site rewarded their top users and a few of their lucky friends with a Carnevale-themed party held at an unusual place for an event—a dentist’s office.

PURE Dental is housed in Mockingbird Station just next to the Angelika Theatre, and with its outdoor patio, multiple small rooms to disapear and reappear (tadaaa!) and plenty of counter space for booze, it surprisingly made for the ultimate bacchanal.

Rooms were filled with people sipping on Austin's Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka and noshing on bites from Sambuca 360 and Pinkberry. One large room was dedicated to Yelp swag, allowing for masked partygoers to sort through buttons, Yelpsticks and re-usable grocery bags. DJ Jonny 5 of the 12inchpimps stopped by to supply ear candy before heading off to his weekly gig at Mantus.

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