What Has Shane Battier Done Since Leaving Duke?

Shane Battier was one of the best players to ever lace it up in college hoops history. 

He played at Duke and won a national championship, after Maryland choked away a double digit lead in the Final Foul, but I'll save that for another blog.

College glory fades in the NBA...fast.

Most Dukies become big time busts in the NBA.  You know the names:  Danny Ferry, Bobby Hurley, Cherokee Parks, Alaa Abdelnaby, William Avery, Jason Williams...the list is long.

Battier is a starter for the Houston Rockets but he is not bust...but he is not an all star, but if you read this darn good article by Michael Lewis in the New York Times you will wish Battier played for your favorite NBA team.

By the way, Battier and Grant Hill are the only Duke guys I ever liked.

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