Home Buying Basics: Don't Overlook the Surroundings

Finding the perfect Turtle home often goes beyond the home’s property line. Many times, a home’s surroundings are often as important as the home itself.

  • For example, a home on a busy street can end up causing you a considerable amount of grief. Even if you think you can tolerate it now, consider a few years down the road when your children will need to walk that road to get to the bus stop.
  • A home’s location is very important, as well. Be realistic about its proximity to your job, your children’s school and even the local supermarket. Purchasing a home in an inconvenient area will only create a lot of unnecessary grief and hassle.
  • Consider neighboring homes, as well. Even though your property has been impeccably maintained, other homes may not be well cared for. Although something like this may not bother you, consider down the road when you go to sell your home. Will other buyers see these unkempt, surrounding properties and be turned off by them? Will it decrease your property’s overall value?

Remember that your home should be a wise investment choice, and purchasing a home that could potentially lose value is certainly not a good decision.

  • Talk to the local city council and find out whether there are any proposed changes to the neighborhood, such as new shopping centers or highways, both of which could lower your home’s property value. For example, if a new shopping center brings more traffic into your neighborhood, it could become less attractive to home buyers which will, once again, cause property values to decline.
  • Finally, get an idea of what the neighbors are like, and ask about any complaints they may have about the neighborhood or about other neighbors. Visit the neighborhood on a weekend, as this is the time that many people will be outside, and begin asking questions.

Talk to your realtor and do your research when purchasing your next Turtle Creek home, as your investment relies on it!

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