Booze is Back in Fashion This Holiday Season

With sales back in a big way, people in the business of booze are raising a glass this holiday season.

Liquor and wine sellers report sales are up anywhere from 10-to-20 percent over this time last year. And, people aren't just buying more booze, they are more liberal when it comes to trying new things as well.

Harris Polakoff, owner of Pogo's Wine & Spirits in Dallas, said people are coming in and asking for what's good and new with little regard for the price.

Polakoff said the hottest item are still vodkas followed up closely by wine.

"Vodka outsells everything. I don't know what the percentage is but it's dramatic," Polakoff said. "Wine is more hot now than it's ever been. The trend has not stopped."

Polakoff said people are more willing to explore different regions for wine and that Spanish wines are currently available at incredible values for whites and reds.

Last season's parties may have just served beer and wine, but this year is different and more hosts are opting for a full bar with good brands, according to Polakoff

Lastly, Polakoff said gift giving is on the rise also. A special edition Andy Warhol Dom Perignon that sells for $200 is flying off of the shelves.

Shopper Steve Carter said he likes the spirit of entertaining, sipping and giving and is glad to see that people are feeling more festive this year.

"People are having fun again. Last year there was a couple of people that we were like, 'No party this year? Come on,'" Carter said. "Wine is good, but the little gift box and things you can do with a bottle of vodka, put a bow on it."

Carter is part of a wave of people ready to raise a glass and start anew.

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