Shane Mack Marvels Poor David's Crowd

Singer/songwriter Shane Mack performed at Poor David's Pub in Dallas to a crowd that had been in long anticipation for his Texas return.
Mack kept it simple, as he likes to do in his live shows as of late, and delivered an intimate performance with two acoustic guitars and a pedal steel guitar to build a connection with his audience.   
"I want people to feel it and hear it and understand the words and so a lot of times for me, when you're going into a venue you haven't played before, you don't have a lot of time to set up," said Mack. "I don't want to mess with if 'the drums are too loud, if the people in the front are going to be able to understand me compared to the back,' so I like just a couple of acoustics."

Mack grew up playing in Texas before heading to Nashville and finding success with three Top 40 Billboard singles. 

After a move to Los Angeles, Mack has returned to Nashville and reaped new success.

Mack's Dallas show found him upon the heels of exciting recent accomplishments. He co-wrote the song "Last Call" that earned Lee Ann Womack a Grammy nomination for Best Female Country Vocal Performance.  Equally, he's been growing in popularity from songs he wrote and performed for the critically acclaimed independent movie soundtrack, "Shelter".
"I got to see early cuts of the film. They showed me places where they needed music and I kinda got to know the characters and look at the script and write things that fit," Mack said. "It was a very cool process ... and to see it all together in the movie theater was very rewarding."
Mack continues to build strong followings from LA to Atlanta and said another Dallas performance could come as soon as this summer. 
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