Pinkberry Expands to Dallas

We don't know exactly where, but Pinkberry, the frozen yogurt celebrities love, is coming to Dallas.

“We are excited to work with Pinkberry and look forward to establishing an enduring brand in the heart of Texas,” says Kelly Saxton, president and founder of Saxton Pierce Restaurant Corporation.

“We’ve done our homework on the frozen yogurt category – and the Pinkberry brand, product and management team is second to none," Saxton tells SideDish's Nancy Nichols.

Dallas can expect to have the treat by Winter of 2009-2010, says DMN's Leslie Brenner.

What's the big deal with Pinkberry? It's fro-yo made with "living yogurt" (like your breakfast) and can be topped with stuff like chocolate chips or nuts to make what amounts to a frozen parfait.

While we expect some Dallasites will be first in line for the "real" yogurt when it opens, us here in The Fort will be perfectly content with our Blue Bell.

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