Drop Weight Without Dropping A Lot Of Money

People who never thought they could afford a personal trainer are finding out its not as expensive as they may have thought.

At Fitness 214, students may not get the frills of a fancy gym, but they can still get an intense workout on a budget.

Fit 214 is just steps off the Katy Trail and it’s attracting young professionals who want to drop some weight but not a lot of money. “They used to call this hazing in my fraternity,” 25 year-old Ted Mays said. “I’ve lost 10 pounds, though, in the past 3 weeks.”
Mays is one in the class of four 20-somethings who say they're seeing results at a fraction of the price of hiring a personal trainer.

“This is probably the most recession proof fitness around,” Fit 214 owner Rob Lord said. He described his new Uptown Dallas concept as no frills, high intensity small group training.

“We have access to the entire Katy Trail plus free weights in the gym,” Lord said. “It’s really the best of both worlds.”
For $24 a session, students sweat their way through an hour-long mix of personal training and boot-camp. Up to 4 students an hour, lunge, squat and sprint they way into shape.

” There is peer pressure, but they cheer for each other and clap for each other,” Lord said.
Fit 214 recommends students workout 3 times a week for an hour, which works out to about $300 a month.

28-year-old Ann Schell has been following the program for two months now and says she has lost 2 jeans sizes. “Now, I can wear half the clothes in my closet,” she laughed, “It’s very exciting!”

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