Paris Hilton Bugs a Beatle

Paris Hilton, whose 2006 debut album 'Paris' failed to burn up the charts, apparently believes she's Beatle-worthy.

Hilton reportedly cornered Sir Paul McCartney at the Grammy Awards after-show party and hit him up to do a duet with her.

Britain's The Sun newspaper reports Hilton was overheard saying: "I'd love to do a duet with you. I'm a singer too and have had an album out."

An onlooker reports: "He looked bemused, smiled and nodded – then stumbled out that he'd have to check his schedule. I don't think we'll be hearing the duet any time soon."

To make matters worse, Hilton went on to compliment 66-year-old McCartney's  hair saying: "It's just like in The Beatles. It's so cute."

What the El!?! Editorial:

Can anyone say delusional?

Poor Paul, must be hard to act gracious instead of saying what you think.

And is she completely out of her mind? He doesn't look at all like he did when he was a Beatle!

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