Moreland, Choice Could Platoon as DH

It's still not a 100 percent deal that Mitch Moreland will be part of the Texas Rangers in 2014. He's gotten interest from other clubs and could be a trade piece for the Rangers to build strength in other spots after trading for slugging first baseman Prince Fielder back in November.

But holding on to Moreland makes a whole lot of sense for the Rangers, and the Star-Telegram floated the idea of the Rangers using a platoon at designated hitter between Moreland and newly acquired Michael Choice, and it actually makes quite a bit of sense.

Moreland has big-time power, and he's been known to get on hot streaks that always seem to end unceremoniously with an injury that he fails to come back from effectively. It seems to happen every year. But if you don't have to rely on him to be an everyday starter, it lessens the pressure on him, and that could be the plan moving forward.

Moreland is a much better hitter against right-handed pitchers, and against lefties the Rangers could use Choice, a young prospect with lots of upside, to play the matchup game.

Either way, the Rangers have tons of flexibility with those two because both can also play in the corner outfield, which could give guys breathers or plug in for any injuries along the way.

That's never a bad position to be in.

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