Meet Wavy Gravy, The Man

Meet Wavy Gravy (nee Hugh Romney) the 74-year-old California hippie for which the famous Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor was named. "It seems like it was almost yesterday when Ben Cohen—who I call the Ice Cream Cohen—steps out of the fog and puts his hand on my shoulder and says, 'We would like you to be a flavor for Ben & Jerry's.' And I thought, cool beans, dude!"

Two years of taste-testing later, the super nutty, caramel, hazelnut fudge-swirled flavor was finally approved and hit freezers across the country. "It [was] the most expensive, complicated, yet politically correct flavor known to humankind," he says. "It came in a tie-dyed container, as do I."

Tonight, Wavy's life story as an ice cream muse, farmer and political activist hits the silver screen with Saint Misbehavin', a new documentary that has been a decade in the making. Wavy Gravy, former Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart, director/producer Michelle Esrick, and producer David Becker will celebrate the premiere at the Red Vic Movie House in San Francisco, where it will screen through December 9. The film also screens at IFC Center in New York on December 8-14, with Wavy Gravy and Esrick present for the shows on December 8-9.

Hit play to watch the man in action. It is quite an enjoyable show. [The Feast]

— Original video produced by Mike Anderson/

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