Man Beats Robo Bowler

In Man vs. Machine match-up, you'll never believe who wins

It was a match of man vs. machine.

At the International Bowling Campus in Arlington on Tuesday, an enhanced automated robotic launcher or E.A.R.L. went head-to-head against reigning pro bowler of the year, Chris Barnes.

E.A.R.L.'s sole purpose is to advance the game of bowling through research on things such as bowling balls, lane surfaces, lane patterns and even bowling pins. And he's supposedly more accurate than any bowler on the planet.

"It's accurate to within 1/10 of a mile an hour and less than one-third of a board and very consistent," said Neil Stremmel, managing director of the USBC governing body.

"He’s able to simulate any bowler -- only better," he.

But strike after strike, Chris Barnes fought back against the machine, and, believe it or not, he won.

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