Layaway for Art Lovers

Dallas artist Daniel Padilla loves it when people love his art.

"It feels good for them to be able to appreciate it, and it feels bad for them not to be able to afford it and have it in their home and enjoy," he said.

He has signs all over his Oak Cliff gallery detailing payment options. Layaway is on the list, and lots of people take advantage of it.

Padilla said business is great.

"A lot of people are almost relieved," Padilla said. "They're thinking, 'Oh my God, I can actually afford this.'"

Padilla said anyone who appreciates art should be able to have it at home. His layaway plan requires 25 percent down, with the balance paid over three months.

At the Thornwood Gallery on Dragon Street in the trendy Dallas Design District, paintings and sculptures are more expensive, but the philosophy is just the same.

"Mere mortals can afford artwork this way," director Karen Fedri said.

She said it's rewarding for both the gallery and the artist when more people can feed their passion for the arts.

At Thornwood, they work negotiate with each client to determine what they can afford to pay each month. There is no interest -- something people are usually surprised to hear.

"And really, there is no catch," Fedri said.

Some of her clients include the very wealthy, but they are also people with average salaries, such as teachers and a fireman.

"Some people need the layaway because of financial reasons," Fedri said. "They don't have that chunk of money up front." 

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