KMart Double Coupon Days THIS WEEK!

Every now & again,  K-Mart has this awesome double-coupon extravaganza..and this week is THE WEEK! They double coupons with a face value of up to $2..yes, $2! Which means you can use that $2 off PERT coupon to get $4 which pretty much guarantees your shampoo will be free..or darn close!

The Rules:

limit 4 like-coupons/like items per customer

limit 25 coupons per customer per day

Internet coupons will not be doubled (this maybe a store check with your local store to be sure)

no overages will be given

The only bad part - there's no K-Mart in our local area. However, if you happen to find yourself near Corsicana this week, or maybe Lawton, need to find your way to the nearest K-Mart! Click here to find your nearest K-Mart location.

I may find myself in Lawton this weekend...:) Who knew I would travel far & wide to get to a K-Mart?? I need help!

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