Jewish Deli En Route to Dallas

Roasters and Toasters to move into space that housed Ed's Deli

We in Denton County are starved for bagels. Not the kind those faceless Einstein brothers make, nor the french toast-flavored anti-bagels at Panera. The bagels we're thinking of are the ones made fresh on site by folks who make a mean knish, and who know how to pile salami on a sandwich.

Thank goodness we won't have to schlep down too far for the newest proper Jewish deli in Dallas, as Frontburner reports New York-bred Roasters and Toasters (locations are in Miami) is moving into the old Ed's Deli spot on Preston Road.

The Roasters and Toasters menu boasts smoked fish platters, matzo balls, and homemade knishes for purists; the Cranberry Spinach Salad comes in two sizes for newbie lunch companions. But where's the matzo brie? Ed's served it two ways.

Greedy of us to ask, when we're hard up for bagels as it is, but is there matzo brie after Ed's in North Dallas? Other variations and spellings of the dish count.

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