Jerry Jones Is Talking At The Senior Bowl

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones hasn't given many comments to the local newspapers at the Senior Bowl this week, but he is giving plenty of quotes to his team's website.  Rob Philips got Jerry answer a few things:

Were you disappointed in linebacker Anthony Spencer's recent arrest for public intoxication and disorderly conduct?

JONES: "I don't know the details and I haven't seen the details on it. But I wouldn't want to comment because I haven't sat down with Anthony. I have the reports. I do have the reports, but I think we'll just have to see where that goes and I will reserve my comment."

There always seems to be speculation about safety Roy Williams' long-term future with team. He missed most of this season with injuries. What is his status?

JONES: "Again, he's a part of our evaluation and assessment. And a big part of it. They're things that Roy can really, with Wade's scheme and what we're trying to do defensively, there's an area that Roy can really excel and help us excel. So we've got to really evaluate that."

Could you envision him playing a hybrid safety/linebacker position?

JONES: "We've always thought he would really, at any time, be an impact player up near the line. And certainly, when you're talking about putting pressure on a team, we've always thought he was capable of doing that. That comes to my mind immediately when I think of what he can contribute."

Do you expect to re-sign Ware this off-season before he enters the final year of his contract?

JONES: "We've had initial visits and did today. And (Cowboys executive vice president) Stephen (Jones) spent a quite of bit of time with his representative today. And so certainly that's something we will be working on."

Have you prioritized your free agents, specifically defensive end Chris Canty and linebacker Kevin Burnett?

JONES: "I don't want to do that (publicly) at the risk of not putting the emphasis, because the players you just mentioned are really top football players for us. But that's a part of what we do during this time of the year is make that assessment. You must do that so that you address where you are going to spend your money."

You've mentioned you felt like the team let its fans down this season. Are you more sensitive to the criticism surrounding your team?

JONES: "I am very sensitive to how our fans are feeling and our fans being disappointed or our fans being excited about our team. I am very aware that we have the visibility that we have. We are the most visible team, period, and with all of that goes a lot of criticism when you get it. Not just a teaspoon-full, but a real large amount of criticism. It's structured that way. On a management basis, we push a lot out. I push a lot out on the table every time I throw. It hurts when it comes up snake eyes or when it doesn't come up right. It hurts. But by pushing a lot out - I've said this before - my style is not to lay up, but it's to drive the ball across the water. And that's disaster, or that hurts when it doesn't get in there. But I believe ultimately that's how we can get where we want to go, to a Super Bowl."

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