Greek Yogurt Flies Off Grocery Shelves

Greek yogurt is unique because it is strained, which removes the liquid whey -- that gives the yogurt a thick consistency similar to sour cream.  It also enhances the protein content. 

Greek yogurt typically has much more protein than traditional yogurt.

Eileen Moore and her family can't get enough Greek yogurt.  "It's my new drug.  We've been eating it for about 5 or 6 months," she says.

Moore is one of a growing number of North Texans jumping on the Greek yogurt bandwagon.  At the newest Whole Foods Market in Dallas' Lakewood neighborhood, spokesperson Karen Lukin says, "Greek yogurt flies off the shelves."

Registered and licensed dietician Stephanie Dean at Baylor Medical Center says Greek yogurt is a good nutritional bet. 

"If you have Greek yogurt, it's going to give you more energy throughout the day," Dean says.  However, Dean cautions shoppers to choose yogurts that are low in fat and sugar.

Greek yogurt is more expensive than traditional yogurt.  It can easily be double the price.  But Eileen Moore says it's worth it.  "It literally is my new addiction."

Here are some suggestions on how to use Greek yogurt from Stephanie Dean, RD/LD:

1. Use plain, non fat or low fat Greek yogurt for lighter version. It’s healthier and tastes great.
2. Experience a Greek favorite—add one teaspoon of honey and one fourth cup of walnuts to Greek yogurt.

3. For a higher protein and lower fat: ranch or garlic and herb dip, add a low salt seasoning packet to Greek yogurt to make a creamy dip for vegetables.

4. Want a protein packed smoothie? Replace milk or traditional yogurt with Greek yogurt in your smoothie. Blend one cup of frozen fruit with one cup of yogurt and sweeten with sugar substitute, one teaspoon honey or one teaspoon sugar.

5. Top your favorite soup, baked potato or burrito with a spoonful of Greek yogurt instead of sour cream. For example: create a quick meal with corn tortillas, black beans, brown rice, lettuce, peppers and salsa then add a dollop of yogurt.

For a sweet yet tart snack or dessert, add sugar substitute to Greek yogurt and eat as a dipping sauce with your favorite fruit. It tastes excellent with oranges. 

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