Gourmet Gas Station Expands

Gourmet space will

Watauga's gas station gourmet, the Chef Point Cafe, is definitely growing.

After opening a food truck to serve their gourmet food on the go, they're now doubling down -- and doubling the space -- at their original Conoco station location.

On Nov. 15, the cafe will now accommodate up to 160 people, way up from the current 75 seats, and give chef and owner Franson Nwaeze more elbow room to cook up some great gas station grub.

They'll cut the ribbon on the new space on Tuesday, Nov. 15 at 9 a.m., then follow by celebrating a Ladies Night that evening. A Wine and Dine event is scheduled for Nov. 17. Both events will have tickets that send proceeds to the Joplin Tomorrow Fund.

Check out their official website to look at a menu and find out more about the gourmet gas station.

Chef Point Cafe
5901 Watuaga Road
In Conoco station
Watuaga, TX

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