Fort Worth Drive-In Theater Delays Opening

Drive-in sets opening in mid-July

A new drive-in movie theater planned along the Trinity River in Fort Worth is pushing back their opening until July.

Coyote Theaters CEO Brady Wood originally told NBC 5 the new theater was looking at opening around Memorial Day (May 28), but now tells the Star-Telegram that the opening date looks closer to mid-July.

Wood told the paper that improvements in landscaping, a children's playground, upgraded food menus, and the all-important work on parking are delaying the initial opening.

"Nobody's going slowly on this," Wood told the paper. "It's taking time to get all the information needed to get good bids."

The Tarrant Regional Water District, which is leasing the land to Coyote Theaters, expects 300,000 moviegoers a year at the new drive-in -- which they're calling "the first urban drive-in" in the U.S.

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